Marine Terminal Emergency Generators, Port of Olympia

Cross Engineers was selected as prime consultant to size, locate, specify and design installation modifications for (7) 150KW, (2) 65KW and (1) 20KW optional standby, trailer mounted diesel generators.  Funding for this work is under FEMA Grant to the Port of Olympia requiring FEMA review and compliance with Buy American Act.  Project is currently advertised for bid.    

Webster Nursery, Tumwater, WA

Cross engineers was selected as prime consultant to design portable generator (35KW to 50KW) connections at seven (7) existing greenhouses, three (3) well sites, and three (3) freezer/cooler facilities.  Project is currently in Schematic design.   

ing County Fire District #27, Fall City Fire Station Addition/Remodel

Cross Engineers, as a sub-consultant provided electrical design for this 12,437 square foot expansion and remodel consisting of four (4) drive-
thru apparatus bays, radio communications room, meeting/training room with kitchenette and staff restrooms and locker rooms.  Cross Engineers responsibilities included building and site power, lighting and the design of a 100KW natural gas/propane back-up generator.    

City of Tacoma Police Headquarters, Tacoma, WA -

This facility located in the City of Tacoma is an L-Shaped 75,000 square foot, 3-story facility on a 10.5 acre campus consisting of a 3-story portion for police operations and a 1-story portion for public meeting spaces.  Cross Engineers provided electrical design of building and site power, lighting and a 500KW back-up diesel generator with load shed capability. Key features of sustainable design that Cross Engineers prepared were: Designed computerized based lighting controls (photosensors, time controls, occupancy controls)Maintained 1.0 watt per square foot lighting design, infrastructure for photovoltaics. Employed individual electrical panel metering that reports back to DDC and is recorded for energy monitoring.

akewood Police Station, Lakewood, WA

Cross Engineers provided the electrical design for the Lakewood Police Department Headquarters building.  This 43,100 square foot facility includes office space, conference space, holding cells, evidence storage and a gun range.  Cross Engineers was responsible for site lighting, interior lighting, power, fire alarm, and telecommunications design.  This design included a 600KW back-up diesel generator for the entire facility.   

Central Administration Building, Tacoma, WA

The Tacoma School District tasked Cross Engineers as prime design consultant to design a back-up power source for their Central Administration Building.  This facility is the original Tacoma Central School (3-story with full basement) and used for the Tacoma School Districts Central Data Processing and Computer Center.  The school district originally installed a 150KW generator backing up only the UPS unit serving the computer center.  Cross Engineers selected a 500KW diesel generator which backs up the entire facility including a 40% spare capacity for future loads.      

Tacoma Fire Communication Center – Power Failure - Generator/UPS Study

After the Tacoma Fire Department installed a new generator as backup to their existing back-up generator they experienced a 45 minute power outage when the main circuit breaker tripped the UPS unit.  Cross Engineers was selected as a third part peer review and determined there were two (2) potential causes; Improper grounding and incorrect settings on the Automatic Transfer Switches.  The system was re-tested after Cross Engineers suggestions were implemented and no outages have been experienced since the corrections were made.     

Pierce County Law Enforcement Support Agency (LESA) – UPS
Generator Replacement/Revisions

The Pierce County LESA Facility purchased a new UPS unit to expand their capacity for back-up power to vital functions in a power outage situation.  During construction the electrical contractor identified a number of existing (original design) code deficiencies and limitations on the existing electrical system generator.  Cross Engineers was contracted to re-design the existing electrical system correcting the original design deficiencies and increase the existing generator performance from 75% of its rated capacity to 100% rated capacity.  This was accomplished by adding an automatic load shed system,  providing additional make up air, and decreasing the heat load in the room while the generator was operating.    

Howard Hanson Dam, Palmer, WA

Cross Engineers as prime consultant recently completed the design of two (2) new 150KW back-up diesel generators with a 2,000 gallon above grade fuel tank serving two (2) new and one (1) existing generator for the Seattle Corp of Engineers, at Howard Hanson Dam, Green River Water Shed, Palmer, Washington. The project consisted of decommissioning an existing below grade diesel fuel tank, design of new utility power, reconnection to an existing 60KW generator, installation of a new permanent ground mounted 150KW diesel generator, installation of a new wheeled trailer mount, 150KW diesel generator as N+1 back-up, new leak detection monitoring equipment, double wall underground fuel piping and a new above grade 2000 gallon diesel storage tank supplying all three (3) generators. These generators are mission critical as back-up power for pumping and monitoring equipment, stabilizing destructive water flow through the earthen dam and erosion to the face of the dam.  The Howard Hanson Dam normal utility electrical service is subject to failure due to predictable (October, November) wind storms and snow every year, disrupting electrical service and denying access to the area for repairs.

McNeil Island Corrections Center, McNeil Island, WA      

At McNeil Island Corrections Center, Cross Engineers was selected as prime consultant to design the original diesel power plant consisting of three (3) 1000KW diesel generators with paralleling switchgear.  When the Correction Center expanded, DOC again selected Cross Engineers to design a fourth 1250KW diesel generator and building addition for the original power plant.  In the event of a Tacoma City Light normal power failure, or a failure of the submarine cable serving the Island, the diesel power plant provides back-up power through an underground/overhead primary electrical distribution system on the Island.  The diesel power plant in the event of a utility failure was designed to operate as McNeil Island’s primary power source for extended periods of time (months) with standard maintenance by DOC personnel.  The diesel power plant has successfully sustained the Correctional Facility and Island through two (2) separate submarine cable failures.    

Beaver Creek Fish Hatchery, Cathlamet, WA

At the Beaver Creek Fish Hatchery, Cross Engineers was tasked by the Department of Fish and Wildlife as prime design consultant to replace two existing 150KW diesel generators with a central diesel generator, new building and above ground fuel tank.  The new generator was designed to provide back-up power to the entire site.  Cross Engineers installed portable peak amperage demand monitors throughout the site to verify existing electrical peak demand loads.  Based on these recordings a 350KW diesel generator was selected to power the entire facility and provide 50% spare future capacity in the generator.

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